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Today I was on a meet with a group looking for a processing partner for their software. It had great potential… until the meeting started. It was clear from the beginning what this group was looking for was instant payouts in a gig-style environment. My message was clear – our core competency is in debit and credit card processing. As the conversation progressed over the next few minutes, it was plain to all that it wasn’t a fit.

It got me thinking about competence.

It made me think of the Bobs from Office Space… they missed the mark. Instead of “What is it you say you do here?” it should have been “What is it you say you do really well here?”.

My core competency – what is it? If I were face to face (I guess it would actually be face-to-face-to-face) with the Bobs – what is it that I say I do really well?

I’m not much of a braggart, but I’m certainly not concerned about being unnecessarily humble.

There are very few people who are as good as I am at supporting, coaching, and unlocking MOTIVATED payments professionals and payments team leaders.

That’s my core competency.

I’ve decided to embrace this.

I work with a small team now and will be adding 5-7 new agents or agent groups (train the trainer style environment) through the end of 2023.

I’ve been very hesitant to “put myself out there”. Some of that may be imposter syndrome. Surely some of that hesitance is my love of privacy and being under the radar. After all, my dream weekend is sleeping in a hammock under the stars and cooking over an open fire.

With no idea who actually visits this site or who reads my musings, I’ll say this. If you’re a payments leader (VP, DD, DM, TL, TM, etc) looking to shed the hamster wheel or if you’re a quota-carrying sales rep with a desire to unlock¬†real residual income, let’s chat and see if it’s possible I’m a fit for you and you’re a fit for me.

About the author : Carrington Fisk

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