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I’ve been in payments for long enough to know that no matter how good your service is, how reliable your equipment is, shit happens. Beers spill, lightning strikes… equipment drops.

Every terminal will either crap out or become inoperable at some point. The big question is, how long does it take for you to get back up and running so you can take payments again – the lifeblood of your business?

When I was at my previous company we didn’t have any kind of solution we could provide even by the next day. It was a little embarrassing to go to my client and say “Hey, uh, you can get a square account in a few minutes and be up and running.” I was referring a competitor that sure, had much higher rates for 99% of my clients and little to no customer service, but it was accessible and they solved the problem.

Then, when I first started here, I requested additional parameter sheets for every account. Parameter sheets are what is used to program credit card terminals, virtual terminals, point of sale systems – basically anything that connects to the processing enviornment.

This way, I wouldn’t have to request the info and I could spin up a “just in case” option. I almost exclusively went with SwipeSimple, which is an absolutely fantastic solution. But, it took an hour or two to get it set up and there is a small activation fee and a small monthly fee. Totally worth it as a software – but a little frustrating as a merchant.

Enter MX. Every single account that I set up comes with a FREE mobile processing application and a FREE virtual terminal. The same place you go to check your batches, statements, deposits, look at your transactions – that’s the same place you can go and process a just-in-case transaction and even host a payment link. The mobile app dubs as your payments information center.

So if you’re tired of getting nickel-and-dimed with fee after fee just to keep this train on its tracks, perhaps it’s time to get a better partner.

About the author : Carrington Fisk

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