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Master Your Craft Podcast

For years I’ve been in a very fast-moving, technology heavy industry. This industry doesn’t change, it iterates and evolves year over year. I trained hundreds (perhaps thousands) of sales reps in the payments industry and any of them would tell you that I was obsessed with the idea of Master Your Craft.

Are you a Master of Your Craft?

I don’t care if you’re a master of payments, a master of entrepreneurship, master of plumbing, master of pest control – ANYTHING – I want to talk to you, explore your journey and help those who are mastering their craft.

Stay tuned!

The ‘Book

Speed dating…

Perfect Meal

Dry-aged ribeye cooked a perfect medium-rare with home-grown garden veggies.

Favorite Book

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.

Favorite Movie

Braveheart followed by Man on Fire.

Drinky Drank

Blanton’s Bourbon, a hazy NE IPA, or an ice cold High Life.

From the Blog

My clients are like family

Ask anyone who knows me – my family means everything to me. When I’m not programming terminals or installing new clients, I’m shooting rockets, camping, hiking in the Smoky Mountains, making knives with the kids, or whooping my boys at strategy board games – in a nice way of course.

What’s the book you’ve gifted the most?2021-08-31T22:54:15+00:00

This question was one that Tim Ferris used in his epic book Tribe of Mentors. While I certainly don’t have the Twitter profile to earn a spot in the book, I loved the question. The book I’ve gifted most often is The Dichotomy of Leadership by Jocko Willink – retired Navy Seal Officer, podcast host, and leadership consultant. The balance needed to successfully lead teams and build cultures rich with decentralized command is tough to maintain. This book is a MUST read for anyone leading teams of any kind.

What are your favorite podcasts?2021-08-31T22:50:36+00:00

I’m a podcast junky – I’m a huge fan of several but there are a few that stand out and each episode holds up even after years:

  • The MFCEO Podcast with Andy Frisella (now Real AF with Andy Frisella, Sal Frisella, and DJ aka “Reg”
    You may need to ice down your ears because Andy and Sal bring some serious, not safe for snowflake heat. Topics run from discipline, to motivation, politics, COVID, personal responsibility, building a powerful company culture, and most importantly personal improvement. These guys change lives on a daily basis and I can very honestly say that they’ve changed mine.
  • Live Better Sell Better with Kevin “KD” Dorsey
    This guy will inspire you to be a better human. His course on uDemy is fantastic as well. You can feel his genuine love of leading and growing salespeople in every episode and if I ever grace the stage to do a big stadium-style presentation, I want KD to do my intro. 
  • Advanced Selling Podcast with Brian Neale and Bill Caskey
    The longest running sales podcast in podcast history. Brian and Bill dump heaps of wisdom on the audience. I listened to dozens of these in a row while driving from Colorado to New Hampshire with my dog Cashy and it changed the way I looked at sales, prospecting, and detachment as a critical component of success.

I believe in mastering my craft.

I spend time every day, week, and month intentionally mastering my craft. I promise that if you meet with me, you’ll see it and know that you’re in great hands.

Prove It

You deserve fanatical service

I got tired of not being able to control the level of service I provided. So I did something about it.

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